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What We’re About

At Vitonic, we have worked alongside the Medical Cannabis Industry for the last several years and are excited to take that experience with us into the Recreational Cannabis Market.   We pride ourselves in bringing precise high-potency products to our clients in both a professional and consistent fashion. Vitonic offers adults a smoke & vapor free alternative that is easily digestible and delivers a full spectrum effect every time. Vitonic’s extraction and manufacturing process are designed to provide quick doses of Cannabinoids with less wait time before the active ingredients have the desired effects—all delivered in one delicious and convenient package.

Second, we take your safety seriously! We pasteurize each bottle during pouring to ensure its freshness.  This, coupled with our clean operating environment allows us to provide a safe product.

Last but not least, we depend on you, our clients! We work closely with dispensaries to get feedback from our clients who use Vitonic daily. Your feedback helps our teams calibrate and improve Vitonic to better suit your needs. It’s our belief that you deserve a quality product that raises the bar for edibles standards.


Our Process

Triple Tested

We work with local growers to find the best strains, with the best terpene profiles, that will give the desired taste and effect. We’ve developed a three-stage testing process to ensure both the consistency of our products and the highest standard of quality. Triple-testing allows us to better control the variables that arise in creating a premium Cannabis beverage.

Step 1: The Plant

Our production process begins with verifying that all plant matter entering our factory is fully compliant with all state regulations.  We make sure to review the baseline potency of everything we use.

Step 2: The Extraction

Using Supercritical CO2 closed loop extraction, we create blends of oil.  After which we winterize and remove the lipids leaving us with top quality food grade oil for edibles.

Step 3: The Final Product

All Vitonics are batch-tested to guarantee that the expected level of potency is delivered in every bottle we sell.  We make sure the results of all these tests are available to every dispensary we deliver to, and mark each bottle sold with the proper batch results.

*We currently use a blend of hybrids, mostly Sativa dominant, giving our clients a discreet product to help improve quality of life by relieving common daytime symptoms. Our full spectrum blend means each bottle has a good mix of cannabinoids and both THC & CBD.

Our Line Up

Strange Brew

Brand new! All natural organic tea infused with our blends of cannabis oil. Available in both Sweetened and Unsweetened! Delicious cold or warmed for a relaxing experience.


Fruit Punch
Our bestseller delivers and invigorating blast of tropical fruit flavor. Sure to please your palate!


A light and rich flavor that doesn’t overpower your taste buds. Perfect for sipping on a warm summer day.

Green Apple

Our newest flavor and the one with the most attitude. Vivid and bold, tangy and sweet!

What We're Up To

By Vitonic

Our current status.

As many of our customers have reached out in concern, we would like to note we are currently undergoing State


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